Introducing the Merdeka Series: a collection that embodies the essence of freedom and unity, intricately woven into every design. The ‘Rantau’ scarf features the hibiscus motif, symbolizing not just the flower’s beauty, but also the idea of liberation. As the threads weave together, the tagline ‘Weaving Unity, Wearing Harmony’ reminds us that unity is the common thread we share, and harmony is the melody that accompanies our collective journey.

Moving to the ‘Tualang’ scarf, the hibiscus gracefully mingles with the classic hand fan, an emblem of grace and heritage. This motif paints a picture of unity in diversity, much like the various paths that converge beneath the sprawling Tualang tree. These scarves are a testament to individuality and togetherness—where expectant mothers nurture life’s voyage, newlyweds navigate new horizons, sisters weave unbreakable bonds, and passionate souls ignite connections.

With the Merdeka Series by Sekuntom x Keretapi Sarong, we celebrate the essence of freedom, intricately woven with unity. Each scarf carries stories, celebrates shared dreams, and pays homage to the beauty of embracing our distinct journeys, while rejoicing in the harmony that unites us.

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